DFB Builders Limited is run by father and son duo David and Brandon Flannigan.

David has been in the building trade for 15 years and successfully set up his own building company, DSD Build Ltd (www.dsdbuild.co.uk), during the covid pandemic. Since its inception, David and his team of tradesmen were helped by David’s son, Brooklon, and over the past 3 years he became a pivotal part of the team.

It was always Davids dream to go into business with his son and the success that they have enjoyed has led them to the decision to go into business together, and thus DFB Builders Limited was born.

Both David and Brooklon are directors of the business which is based in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon but we can carry out work within a xx mile radius of the town and currently have jobs booked as far away as London. Having lived and worked locally in the industry for XX years we have gained a good reputation and as such we have worked on numerous projects from smaller refurbishments through to large bespoke new build properties. We have worked with local councils, business’ with prominent high street locations, management companies and individual home owners to achieve their desired ambitions.

At DFB Builders we appreciate that there are a vast number of builders out there to choose from however we feel that our experience, our customer service during the project and our aftercare sets us apart from all others.

Before we begin any project we will ask to visit the site to ascertain exactly what the requirements are and to look at what suggestions and options are available. Upon a decision being made we can assist with any legal paperwork that is required from planning applications to building control and once obtained, begin the project.

Throughout the project we always keep all of our clients fully informed of how it is progressing. If a client is not on site daily, we can keep you updated with progress via photos and videos, which is especially helpful for those who wish to take an interest in the day to day works.

We try to be as accurate as we can with our initial quotes however as with all things, sometime we encounter the unknown. Should there be a deviation from the initial quote it will be discussed with the client in detail to come to a solution.

In relation to payment, we do not generally ask for huge deposits or lump sum payment in advance. We work on a cost basis where we invoice for materials purchased/to be purchased and work completed in arrears. This method of invoicing allows all of our clients to feel comfortable that they are paying for a quality service that has been delivered in stages with minimal risk to their finances.

We are fully insured up to a minimum of £5m which exceeds the basic requirements and references can be made available on request.

We look forward to working with you to help make your visions a reality.